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Schedule of Events

10:00 AM10:00

Book Presentation at Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College, Location TBD (New Bedford campus or Fall River campus)

Presentation of the five themes from the book, Exploring the Legacy: People and Places of Significance, (civil rights justice, defiance to slavery, military service, access to education, and employment fairness).  I will feature local figures such as Frederick Douglass, Paul Cuffe, Martha Bailey Briggs, Sgt. William Carney, Lucinda Clark, and Lucy Faggins.

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12:00 PM12:00

Book Presentation at the Massachusetts State House Library

State Library of Massachusetts                                                                                                    Massachusetts State House, 24 Beacon St., Room 341, Boston, MA 02133

This presentation will discuss the five themes I discovered in writing the book, Exploring the Legacy: People and Places of Significance

*    A Persistent Struggle for Civil Rights Justice;

*  A Defiance to Slavery;

*  Exemplary Military Service;

*  The Fight for Access to Education; and

*  The Fight for Employment Fairness.

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